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In India, hydro power projects with a station capacity of up to 25 Megawatt each fall under the category of Small Hydro Power (SHP), and it is estimated that SHP potential in India is about 20,000 MW. Renewable energy’s share (including large hydro projects) inched up to 36.3% during the second quarter of 2020 (Q2 2020) and there will be a surge in demand moving ahead.

NCL Energy was created to meet the ever-increasing demand for clean power and to this end, two mini Hydel Projects have been set up. The first project was completed at the head regulator of the Srisailam Right Main Canal, which produces 7.5 MW of power, while the second hydel project was constructed on Right Bank High-Level Canal of Tungabhadra dam and generates 8.25 MW. There are plans on the anvil to set up many projects in the near future and an aggressive expansion strategy is being rolled out.

The hydro sector has a history of more than 120 years in India, and it is clear that
in this decade renewable energy will take center stage. There are commitments from many countries to decarbonise as clean and green energy is the need of the hour for a greener today and tomorrow.

NCL Industries Ltd’s energy division has two hydro power projects – the first is at the head regulator of Srisailam Right Main Canal and the second hydel project is on Right Bank High Level Canal of Tungabhadra dam, both together can producemore than 50 million units of green power per annum.

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